Why an Alternative?

Our main mantra is “Your alternative to alternative news”, but why?  What does that mean and why do we need another alternative news source?

The reasoning for the creation of this station/website/media outlet is because as we have become more and more disillusioned by what we have seen in media outlets. You have those that are great, as in the podcasts that John B. Wells and what Art Bell used to produce. Then there are the others.

Coast to Coast A.M. used to be at the height of its game, but as the years have gone by it has become more of a corporate shill and an infomercial outlet than a cutting-edge and “out there” production. Perhaps the last of the group that still shows the moxie of the early days would be George Knapp. He only sometimes strays down the proverbial rabbit hole, but at least he still has a bit of “it” left.  Ah, yes, Coast to Coast A.M. used to be a production that we were proud to send in our monthly subscription fees to.  And although we still subscribe, we have a sense that those days are numbered.

This brings me to the point of this article: It’s time for an alternative to the alternative. A media outlet to cater to those of us that fulfills what the rest of us crave. That curious and adventurous spirit that seems to be lost on many of the other outlets that have become only mundane shells of their past glory.

Stick around while we put together our programming and plug-in our equipment. We’re on our way toward something that is hopefully bigger and better in content, and perhaps even audience, than the others.